2018 Princess Estelle Attire

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Prince Oscar, 2 years

March 2, 2018

 Prince Oscar of Sweden is celebrating his second birthday today! As with every royal birthday, the palace released pictures to mark the event. Prince Oscar's pictures were taken at the official residence of the Crown Princess Family, Haga Palace. 


Erika Gerdemark, Kungahuset.se


 Prince Oscar can be seen blowing out the candles from a cake that, according to Svensk Dam, comes from Nordiska Kompaniet (NK), a Swedish department store. The cake is said to be made of brownie bottom, vanilla cream, almond and blackberry mousse with Italian meringue. The blue garland hanging on the back comes from the Swedish store "Calligraphen", the store had the honor to be in charge of printing the cards for the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel in 2010, and also received its royal warrant back in 1992.


Erika Gerdemark, Kungahuset.se



 Our birthday boy was dressed in a light blue shirt from Ralph Lauren (thanks IG @modefordesma) and a vest sweater from Marie Chantal. Princess Estelle was also wearing a cardigan and top with an embroidered collar from Marie Chantal.


 Erika Gerdemark, Kungahuset.se





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