2018 Princess Estelle Attire

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Prince Gabriel's Christening

December 2, 2017

What a great reason for us to finally get another glimpse of the adorable Prince Gabriel, his christening! The cute little boy made sure that everyone knew he was having his big entrance into the chapel...




 The christening was conducted by Archbishop Emeritus Anders Wejryd and assisted by the Chaplain to The King, Bishop Johan Dalman and the Reverend Michael Bjerkhagen, Court Chaplain and Rector of the Royal Court Parish.



Jonas Ekstromer/TT


Jonas Ekstromer/TT


It was little bit sad that we didn't see Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas at the ceremony, but we had the opportunity to see the rest of the children.


Jonas Ekstromer/TT

 Jonas Ekstromer/TT


Princess Estelle had one of the most important duties during the christening, she helped the Archbishop pour the water into the font.


Jonas Ekstromer/TT

Jonas Ekstromer/TT


Big thanks to our friends "The Royals and I" who identified the majority of the pieces worn by the children. Let's start with P. Alexander.

Prince Alexander was wearing a navy outfit previously worn by his father Prince Carl Philip in 1981

 Princess Estelle on the other hand, had a very christmassy outfit in celebration of the season! The Princess was wearing a beautiful embroidered cardigan from the Austrian brand Geiger Fashion, her grey pleated dress is from the French brand Tartine et Chocolat.



 Prince Oscar was dressed in a navy jacket and a shirt from Mimirose. This brand is from a tiny store called Melhs Stockholm and we found out that his blue dungarees worn during Victoriadagen was from the same brand.


 His navy shoes were identified as Pom D'Api Newflex.


 We added a gallery that way you can see the best moments of the christening! Enjoy!



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