2018 Princess Estelle Attire

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New Year, New Pictures

January 1, 2017

The first day of the year, and the Swedish royals have started it off with a bang! The Crown Princess family was spotted walking in the center of Stockholm. Prince Oscar was being carried by his dad in his Brio stroller, the same we have seen so many times and that once was used by his sister. 

 Photo: Aftonbladet


 Princess Estelle on the other hand, was riding her scooter alongside her parents. She was wearing the same pants we saw on the Christmas greeting video, from Isbjorn. Her jacket is most likely the same she wore in May 2015 in the airport of Kalmar. The piece has not been identified, so if you have any information of it, please let us know! :)

Her big pom pom hat it looks very similar to the ones sold by "Satila of Sweden", but we are still looking for the specific model. The blue/orange scooter is from Micro Kickboard, the exact same one that Prince George of Cambridge has, how cute is that?

In other news, Prince Carl Philip and his family were seen by a fan in Cape Town, South Africa. Little Prince Alexander in his stroller looks so relaxed that he even lost his left shoe. Due to the poor quality of the picture, it is imposible to identify any of the clothes the baby is wearing.




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