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The Royal Children Out and About

October 21, 2016

We love when we get new pictures of the little ones! Today a few pictures of Princess Leonore, Prince Nicolas and Prince Alexander emerged online. 




 The two siblings were seen walking with their parents and enjoying London's streets. You can recognize the same Moncler jacket  and Trotters shoes in these pictures of Leonore, because they are the same she was wearing in the pictures her mom shared a few weeks ago on her Facebook account. She was also carrying her favorite little bunny from Happy Horse.


Photo: Svensk Damtidning






Prince Nicolas was dressed in a jacket from Moncler, and also carrying the same Jellycat bunny we saw him holding on Prince Alexander's christening.



Photo: Svensk Damtidning






 Prince Nicolas was also wearing Start Rite shoes and using a pacifier from MAM (using it upside down).




 On the other hand the Prince Couple were seen arriving at the train station in Karlstad to begin their visit to Värmland on October 21st. But they did not come alone, in Princess Sofia's arms was a very bundled up Prince Alexander. 


Due to the poor quality of the pictures it is difficult to see what he is wearing, we hope we can get better pictures of him soon. For the moment the only piece identified are his shoes, the little black booties are from H&M.


 Disclaimer: A lot of time is spent in order to find the pieces so that we can share them with you, credit is always given where it is due for those who contribute to the original finding and the photos taken, we would appreciate the same conduct when using the information that we post on our sites and accounts. Thank you!



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