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Happy Birthday Princess Victoria! (Updated)

July 15, 2016


Today Sweden celebrated Crown Princess Victoria's 39th birthday. As every year, the celebration took place during the morning at Solliden Palace. The Crown Princess family  was seen very happy and enthusiastic during the festivities.

4 month old Prince Oscar attended his mommy's celebration , stole the show and we had the great pleasure to see this momentous occasion.




Princess Estelle looks pretty as always, with a big smile on her face and waving to the crowds. She even helped her mom collect all the flowers that were given to her. Princess Estelle was wearing her mom's dress that we saw in March for the official portraits of her and Oscar.

If you want to see Princess Victoria wearing this dress you can click here.




Later in the afternoon taking us by surprise, Princess Estelle attended for the first time the concert in honor to Victoria's birthday. The 4 year old was sitting in the front row between her parents. Mommy and daddy decided to make her wear ear muffs because of the loud sounds of the concert. The ear muffs come from 3M. Now moving on to her clothes, the little princess was wearing a pair of shoes from the French brand Chipie.

For the time being we are waiting for more pictures to identify her dress, but we will keep you updated with any new information.









Thanks to IG account @modefordesma The Royals and I and VK account Madeleine_Sweden for all the






*Prince Oscar's whole outfit comes from Tartine et Chocolat.

*Princess Estelle's socks are from the danish brand MP












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